Association for the Study of Eastern Christian History and Culture, Inc. (ASEC)

Fifth Biennial Conference, March 8-9, 2013, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Sponsored by: ASEC, Inc., Georgetown University’s Medieval Studies Program, Center for Eurasian, Russia and East European Studies, and Departments of History and Theology; The Ohio State University’s Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies, and the Hilandar Research Library; and the Eastern Kentucky University Department of History.

FRIDAY March 8

8:00 to 9:45

Session 1: Iosif Volotskii

Chair/Discussant: J. Eugene Clay, Arizona State University

1) “Iosif Volotsky’s sui generis Ars Disputandi”

David Goldfrank, Georgetown University

2) “An Imagined Disputation: The Prenie s Iosifom Volotskim

Donald Ostrowski, Harvard University

3) “What Was New about Commemoration in the Iosif Volotskii Monastery? A Reassessment”

Ludwig Steindorff, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

10:00 to 11:45

 Session 2: Iosif Volotskii’s Legacy in the Russian Orthodox Church

 Chair/Discussant: Scott Kenworthy, Miami University of Ohio


1) “Metropolitan Macarius and Muscovite Politics during the Reign of Ivan IV”

Charles J. Halperin, Indiana University

2) “Iosif Volotskii, Patriarch Nikon and New Jerusalem Monastery”

Kevin M. Kain, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

3) “Defining Orthodoxy in Imperial Russia: The Heresiological Heirs of Iosif of Volokolamsk”

Eugene Clay, Arizona State University

11:45 to 1:00 Lunch


Session 3: Tradition and Change in Monasticism through the Centuries

 Chair/Discussant: Jennifer Spock, Eastern Kentucky University


1) “What is Late Antique Monasticism?”

Rod Stearn, University of Kentucky

2) “From Ascetic Hermit to Communal Monk: The Changing Image of Saint Nil Stolbenskii in the Early Seventeenth Century”

Isolde Thyret, Kent State University

3) “The Last Basilians in Russia: Conversion and Cultural Change in Russia’s Western Borderlands, 1820-1840”

Barbara Skinner, Indiana State University


Session 4: Theological Controversy in the Early Church

Chair/Discussant: Joshua Lollar, University of Kansas


1) “’No one can doubt that the Father is greater’: Constantius II and the Council of Sirmium”

Edward Mason, University of Kentucky

2) “Canonical Fathers and the Creation of Authority in the Disputatio cum Pyrrho (PG 91, 287-353)

Ryan W. Strickler, University of Kentucky

3) “Schism, Unity, and Social Networks in Sixth-Century Byzantine-Papal Relations”

Joshua Powell, University of Kentucky

5:00-6:00 Keynote Address: Copley Lounge

John A. McGuckin, Nielsen Professor of Early and Byzantine Church History, Union Theological Seminary, Professor of Byzantine Christian Studies, Columbia University

“The Way of the Pilgrim: How the Orthodox Philokalic Tradition Came to Modern America–And What America Made of It”

6:00-7:00: Reception: Copley Lounge



Session 5:   Vladimir Solov’ev and Russian Orthodoxy (Philosophy and the Church)

Chair/Discussant: Patrick Michelson, Indiana University


1) “Humanity, Divinity, and All-Unity in Vladimir Solov’ev’s Critique of Abstract Principles

Randall A. Poole, College of St. Scholastica

2) “Does Philosophic Orthodoxy Have a Future? (On Soloviev and His Heirs)

Paul Valliere, Butler University

3) “The Russian Orthodox Church in Italy Today: A Kaleidoscope Clarifying Itself”

Valeria Z. Nollan, Rhodes College


Session 6: Christianity in the World

Chair/Discussant: Christine Worobec, Northern Illinois University


1) “The Contemplation of Nature in Eastern Christianity: Greek Patristic Foundations”

Joshua Lollar, University of Kansas

2) “Slaves of the Sultan: Russian Reactions to Christian Captives during the Greek Revolution (1821-30)”

Lucien J. Frary, Rider University

3) “Lived Christianity in the Donbass: The Activities of Donetsk’s Transfiguration Brotherhood in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century”

Dezeree Hodish, University of Kansas

4) “Orthodox and Protestant Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs in the Former Soviet Union”

Mark R. Elliott, Asbury University

12:15-1:45 Lunch


Session 7:   Icons and the Visual at the Center of Religious Controversy                              

Chair/Discussant: Valeria Z. Nollan, Rhodes College


1) “Framing the Miraculous: The Physical and Temporal Reordering of Image Oriented Lay Religious Devotions in Early Modern Greek-Rite Catholicism”

Wojciech Beltkiewicz, University of Michigan

2) “Old Believers and Icons”

Evgeny Grishin, University of Kansas

3) “Digitized Resources on Religious Debate: Rare and Unique Items from the Hilandar Research Library”

M.A. Johnson, Ohio State University


Session 8: Orthodoxy in the Midst of the “Other”

Chair/Discussant: Eve Levin, University of Kansas


1) “The Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem: A Documentary History”

Paul du Quenoy, American University of Beirut

2) “The American YMCA and the St. Sergius Theological Academy in Paris”

Matt Miller, Northwestern College

3) “’In the Shadow of the Orient’: Orthodox Christianity and Orientalism”

Christopher D. L. Johnson, College of the Bahamas